Company Profile

Company Name: Wing On Thai Plastic Company Limited
Company Profile:Wing On Thai Plastic Company Limited is a company specializing in the trading of mother and baby products. We are committed to providing high-quality, safe, and reliable products for parents and their babies, meeting their needs and expectations. Our mission is to help parents create a healthy, happy, and comfortable environment for their children's growth, ensuring that every baby can thrive and develop.
Core Values:
1.Customer First: Our customers are our most valuable asset. We prioritize their needs and satisfaction, striving to provide them with quality products and excellent service. We adhere to principles of honesty and transparency, building long-term partnerships with our customers.
2.Quality Assurance: We take responsibility for product quality. We strictly control the manufacturing process to ensure that every product meets international standards and safety requirements. We collaborate with renowned brands, selecting premium materials and employing high-quality craftsmanship to deliver reliable and durable products.
3.Care and Support: We understand the boundless love and care parents have for their babies. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive support and services, helping parents address parenting challenges and uncertainties. We encourage communication and sharing of experiences among parents, fostering collective growth.
Product Range:
Wing On Thai Plastic Company Limited offers a wide range of mother and baby products, including but not limited to:
1.Baby Clothing: We provide comfortable and soft baby clothing, including onesies, sleep sacks, pants, T-shirts, and more. We prioritize the selection of gentle, non-irritating materials for the well-being of babies' delicate skin.
2.Baby Gear: We offer various baby gear such as cribs, strollers, high chairs, and bath products. We emphasize product safety and functionality, ensuring babies' comfort and safety during use.
3.Mother and Baby Care: We provide a range of mother and baby care products, including baby wipes, baby bath products, and skincare items. We select gentle, non-irritating formulations to provide a warm and nurturing care experience for babies.
4.Baby Toys: We offer a diverse range of baby toys designed to promote cognitive development and learning. We prioritize toy safety and educational value, enabling babies to enjoy playtime while growing and learning.
Contact Information:
If you are interested in our products and services, please feel free to contact us. Here are our contact details:
Company Name: Wing On Thai Plastic Company Limited Address:No. 245, Village No. 1, Tambon Khae Rai
Krathum Baen District Samut Sakhon 74110
Phone: 0831020642 Website:

Thank you for your interest in Wing On Thai Plastic Company Limited. We look forward to partnering with you to provide a better life experience for you and your baby.